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Cancellation Due To Errors
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6. Severability. All provisions of any relevant terms and condition, policies and notices are,
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which is or becomes unenforceable in any jurisdiction, whether due to void, invalidity, illegality,
unlawfulness or for any reason whatever, shall, in such jurisdiction only and only to the extent that it
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These terms and condition are applicable to you upon your accessing the Astroglide Thailand
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of them, may be modified or terminated by Astroglide Thailand without notice at any time for any
reason. The provisions relating to Copyrights and Trademarks, Disclaimer, Claims, Limitation of
Liability, Indemnification, Applicable Laws, Arbitration and General, shall survive any termination.
Cancellations and Returns
Orders can be cancelled if their products have not yet be delivered. Once products are delivered to
the users account, they are no longer permitted to cancel. Any returns after that are handled on a
case-by-case basis. Within reason, we will do what we can to ensure customer satisfaction. Unless
there is something wrong with the purchase, we are generally unable to offer refunds.
Privacy Policy
Astroglide Thailand recognizes the importance of your privacy as much as your concern on how
information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully
and sensibly.
By visiting astroglidethailand.com you are accepting that all of your personal information that you
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to do our best to protect your private information. Furthermore, any cyber-crime, lost, or damage of
your general or personal information that is beyond our control, we reserve the right to deny any
responsibility resulted from such actions.
Your personal information helps us develop, deliver, and improve our products, services, content,
and advertising to suit your needs. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties.
We only disclose your personal information with your prior consent. Astroglide Thailand may
disclose the statistical information such as the website usage, general financial services, and other
services-related information to our third-party advertising partners and/or business partner.
Like many websites, we use “cookie” technology to collect statistical data. Cookies are small files
that can be used to store information and commonly used by websites to save data on your
computer. The information we collect from cookies are general statistical data such as which your
interactions with our website, parts of our website people have visited, length of visit, etc. Cookies
cannot be used to get information about you or your computer system, your email, or other private
Occasionally, we may carry out a survey to help us to understand and identify our customer’s
need, and to improve our product and services and our website. You have the right to participate in
the survey, or if you choose not to exercise yours is upon your decision.
From time to time, Astroglide Thailand will communicate with you through the email you have
registered with us in order to inform you about our interesting product and services, other special
offer promotion. You may opt out of receiving our newsletter or marketing communication via email.
At times we may disclose your information with carefully selected business partner who help us
improve our product and service offerings and/or may offer you products and services of interest
as for your own benefit.
The security of personal financial information
The security of personal financial information is a high priority for us. It can be disclosed to only
associated bank, therefore, Astroglide Thailand cannot access your personal financial data.
Moreover, it is our important policy that we do not sell, rent or trade your personal information to
third parties.
Payment Policy
Astroglide Thailand accepts bank/ATM transfer payment and online credit card payment. The
bank/ATM transfer for products and services that you purchased from /
www.astroglidethailand.com can be done from any branches to the designated account and
branches and must be done within 18 hours. In order to confirm your payment, after you have
transferred the money, please inform us EITHER online by log in to your account and proceed to the
order history page and upload the pay-in slip OR by sending the copied of your deposit or pay-in
slip together with your name and ordering number to our number: 065 529 9554. Astroglide
Thailand reserves the right to deliver the goods and services only the full amount of the goods and
services has been transferred correctly.
Customer bears the expense and/or the transfer service fees. Please allow at least one working
day for the bank to confirm your payment
If your purchased product requires the installation and the fee has not been included in the price,
there will be the additional installation fee charges in which you have to pay directly to our staff.